Company History

Since 1975 Orion Telescopes & Binoculars has been offering high-quality outdoor optics products for sale direct to customers. As an employee-owned company, we pride ourselves on an unswerving commitment to best quality products, value and unmatched customer care.

We've been selling direct since 1975 through our colorful mail-order catalog and, since 1997, via our full online catalog. Unlike web-only storefronts, or department stores that sell optics only seasonally, we're specialists in telescopes and binoculars, it's what we do year-round.

Located in central California in the Monterey Bay area, Orion operates a retail store at our Watsonville headquarters office. Selected Orion products are available at finer astronomical dealers throughout the United States and internationally.

Our Team

The Orion Team

Our product development team continues to design new and innovative Orion-brand products with the goal of offering amateur astronomers and outdoor enthusiasts the best selection in state-of-the-art optics, at affordable prices.

We have highly trained sales and support staff who are knowledgeable about our products and willing and able to help you make an appropriate buying decision, and even assist you after the sale. We're experienced, informed and, perhaps uncharacteristically in this day and age, available to serve you person-to-person. You can talk to us!

Our large, modern warehouse and efficient warehouse team enable us to ship nearly all orders out the same day from on-hand stock. And our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, the best in the business. Customer satisfaction is not just a cliché at Orion, it's a commitment!

The Employee Owners

Magie Duddy
Senior Programmer/Analyst
(19+ years)

Magie DuddyMessier 104 (the spiral galaxy) has always been a favorite of mine.  But the Milky Way on a clear dark night is absolutely stunning — when the sky is black velvet and the stars are diamonds.  Never gets old.

Jason Espinosa
Purchasing Manager
(28+ years)

Jason EspinosaMy favorite astronomical object is the Orion Nebula. I love the fact that you can look at the night sky knowing night sky objects are so distant yet with an astronomical telescope you are able to get to see them in great detail compared to the naked eye.

Peter Moreo
(16+ years)

Peter MoreoMy best experiece was hosting a birthday star party for my daughter and her girlfriends. Seeing their excitement at looking at the moon and other objects was awesome. And knowing we were outside and learning (i.e. math and physics) made it even more worthwhile! I enjoy viewing the stars with my wife and daughter, using Orion binoculars and the Orion StarSeeker 102mm Refractor Telescope.

Shelley Moreo
Internet Marketing
(5+ years)

Shelley MoreoI have enjoyed astronomy from an early age with my family on warm California nights. Nowadays, I look forward to evenings with my husband and daughter using the Orion StarSeek app to identify objects and using our family's Orion binoculars for a better view.

John Parker
Customer Service Manager
(20+ years)

John ParkerThe Hercules Globular Cluster is one of my favorite objects to view as it contains several thousand stars and is very distant at 500 light years. This can be seen with a modest telescope but is is truly awesome in a larger aperture scope such as out 12 - 16 reflectors! What I really enjoy about the hobby is that with relative ease, you can set up a telescope and enjoy viewing the wonders of the galaxy with friends and family or just by yourself. Every night is a little different. When working with our customers, I find it rewarding when I have answered all of their questions, anticipated their needs and provided the best experience possible.

Rich Rothhouse
Technical Service Lead
(27+ years)

Rich RothhouseMy favorite objects are star clusters. Being out in the cool air and quiet darkness is refreshing and peaceful. I really enjoy visual observation.

Ken Sablinsky
Senior Product Development/Project Manager
(30+ years)

Ken SablinskyMy most memorable telescope experience was observing Saturn with a 12" Dobsonian on the top of Mt. Lassen. Low clouds came in and so most everyone gave up and went to bed.  I stayed, and at about 3am the clouds lifted revealing the most incredibly dark and steady sky I've ever seen.  Saturn's rings looked stunning: crystal clear, vibrant, almost 3 dimensional — I'll never forget that view.

Randy Villa
Director of Fulfillment and Facilities
(12+ years)

Randy VillaI like to view the Milky Way with my children in mid-July in the High Sierras. My kids, age 19, 15 and 5 years are amazed by the vast number of stars we see.  They also like to just sit and look up and count how many shooting stars they can see.  We use Orion Binoculars and An Astroview 90 mm telescope that travels with us on all of our camping trips.

Debbie Woodward
VP, Operations
(24+ years)

Debbie WoodwardMy most memorable astronomical observing was my first view of Saturn through a telescope - a beginner's telescope in less than ideal viewing conditions - still an awe-inspiring experience. Family camping during the summer with my husband, children and grandchildren includes a Starblast 6i. This trip is usually during the Perseid meteor showers each year — a blanket on the ground and looking up into the night sky is spectacular.