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What Are 2nds?
Seconds are nearly new items that are otherwise complete and fully functional. Press or tap here for more information on seconds, our guarantee, and shipping restrictions which apply.

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Most seconds are customer returns or are cosmetically flawed items discovered during inspection of a production lot. In general, a second is equivalent to the new product in its functionality and will be impossible to distinguish from new by its performance in the field.

Seconds may be ...

• Cosmetically imperfect products with small scratches, blemishes, dents, or dings.
• Customer returned goods or display models that show some evidence of use or wear.
• Optical products with small scratches or blemishes on optics that do not impact optical performance noticeably.
• Products that are repaired in a way that returns full functionality and that is cosmetically reasonable.
• Products equipped with one or more substitute parts or accessories of comparable value and utility to the original, usually to replace a missing or broken part or accessory on a returned item.
• Some seconds may be older versions of a product that do not include newly added features, functionality, or accessories.
• Other included items are not always the same between a new item and a second. Seconds are not subject to any promotions that may apply to regular catalog merchandise.

Note: We cannot provide information about the specific nature of the flaw for an individual item.

All clearance items are guaranteed to be complete and fully functional. Orion-brand seconds have the same warranty period as their corresponding new product, but no longer than one year. Orion-brand clearance merchandise carries Orion's full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Delivery of any second is not available to Canada and is otherwise subject to the same shipping restrictions as the corresponding new products.