MicroXplore CM-1 Compound Biological Microscope
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The MicroXplore CM-1 Compound Biological Microscope provides beautiful images of the microscopic world. Magnification ranges from 40x-1600x, and includes dual speed focus, mechanical X/Y stage, condenser, iris diaphragm, and binocular viewing head.
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    • Compound Biological Microscope with 360 degree rotatable binocular head, for using both eyes to peer at the microscopic world comfortably, without needing to squint through one eye!
    • Includes two sets of eyepieces (10x and 16x), coupled with four objective lenses (4x, 10x, 40x, 100x oil) for a magnification range of 40x-1600x!
    • 100x objective is a spring loaded oil immersion lens, which provides superior contrast at 1000x when used with a drop of included immersion oil.
    • N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser lens with adjustable iris diaphragm allows precise control of the light coming through to the slide.
    • Optional slides and accessories available including prepared slides, blank slides, and cover slips

    Get ready for a new world of adventure when you peer into the microscopic realm with the MicroXplore CM-1 Compound Biological Microscope. This quality optical microscope is ideal for everyone who has an interest in microscopy, including hobbyists, students, or the family, looking to learn more about the world around us!

    With the CM-1 biological microscope, you'll be able to view detailed, high-resolution images, thanks to the 4 included objective lenses (4x, 10x, 40x, 100x), coupled with a set of 10x and 16x eyepieces. These lenses provide a magnification range of 40x-1600x! And the 100x objective lens is an oil immersion lens, which provides superior contrast and detail when used with a drop of the included immersion oil. A fine motion mechanical X/Y stage allows precise positioning of slides (slides sold separately), and a dual speed focuser provides that critical focus you need for the sharpest possible image.

    One of the nicest features of this microscope is the rotatable binocular head, which allows comfortable viewing with both eyes, rather than squinting through one eye at your specimen. You'll be amazed how much more detail is visible, simply by using both eyes! Adjustable inter-pupillary distance works just like a binocular does to match most everyone's eye spacing.

    The CM-1 includes a robust illumination system, including an adjustable brightness LED, coupled with a N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser with an adjustable iris diaphragm. This allows precise control of the concentration of light hitting the slide, along with the ability to controlling the background illumination. A slide out filter ring allows for an included blue filter to sit in the light path.

    Illumination is powered via either 3x AAA batteries which are installed below the base, or via AC power with the included AC power cord. If you are curious about the microscopic world, and want a robust, quality instrument that does not compromise, the CM-1 Compound Biological Microscope will last a lifetime.


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  • In The Box

    AC cord
    Set of 10x eyepieces
    Set of 16x eyepieces
    Immersion oil
    Blue filter
    Instruction manual

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