Orion Dual-Width Saddle for Sirius EQ-G GoTo Mount
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Our Dual-Width Saddle for Sirius EQ-G has two grooves to accommodate either Vixen or Losmandy style dovetail plates. Upgrade your pre-2020 Sirius EQ-G mount now to enjoy this greater versatility. Includes the Allen key needed to make the switch.
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    • Upgrade your Sirius EQ-G mount to accommodate both Vixen and Losmandy style dovetail mounting plates
    • Replaces the original saddle, which accepts only Vixen style dovetail plates
    • Spring-loaded aluminum clamp with two beefy knobs to effortlessly loosen and tighten the clamp
    • Easy to remove original saddle and install this one; requires only a 2.5mm Allen key, which is included

    For years the Orion Sirius EQ-G GoTo Equatorial Mount has come with a Vixen style dovetail saddle, which was fine until you needed to mount an optical tube outfitted with a wider, Losmandy style dovetail "D" plate.

    Well, now you can upgrade your Sirius EQ-G with the Orion Dual-Width Saddle for Sirius EQ-G GoTo Mount to give it the versatility to accept either type of dovetail mounting plate. This new cast-aluminum saddle features dual spring-loaded clamping slots to accommodate both narrow Vixen style plates and Losmandy style "D" plates, and two large knobs to loosen and tighten the clamps.

    Orion Dual-Width Saddle for Sirius EQ-G GoTo Mount is easy to install, and instructions for doing so are included. All that's needed to remove the old saddle and attach the new one is a 2.5mm Allen key, which is included. Weighs 1 lb. 10.4 oz.

    NOTE: The Orion Dual-Width Saddle for Sirius EQ-G GoTo Mount is not compatible with any other Orion GoTo mounts.

  • In The Box

    Dual-Width Saddle
    2.5mm Allen key

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