28mm Meade Series 5000 PWA Telescope Eyepiece
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Fully multi-coated optical design with premium-grade, best possible image correction in color, contrast, and brightness. Blackened lens edges provide enhanced contrast and reduce reflections. Parfocal design delivers little-to-no focus change.
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    • Beautifully crafted 2" diameter 7-element telescope eyepiece with a 28mm focal length and massive field of view
    • Fully multi-coated optics provide an exceptionally bright image, and blackened lens edges ensure high contrast with minimal internal light scatter
    • 82-degree apparent field of view for an expansive and immersive viewing experience
    • A security recess cut into the 2" barrel helps keep the eyepiece securely attached to the focuser
    • Threaded for 2" filters and weighs 28.2 oz (799g)

    PWA stands for Premium Wide Angle, and that's just what you get with the 28mm Meade Series 5000 PWA Telescope Eyepiece. An immersive 82 field of view pulls you into the image at the telescope, whether it be a distant galaxy or our nearest celestial neighbor, the Moon. This high-quality eyepiece features a 6-element lens system with fully multi-coated premium-grade optical glass, combined with blackened lens edges for the best possible image correction in color, contrast, and brightness. The blackened lens edges help prevent errant light from bouncing around inside the eyepiece, reducing reflections and glare while also boosting contrast.

    The massive 82 apparent field helps frame larger objects through the telescope, and also keeps objects in the field longer if you are using a manual telescope that does not automatically track with the object. If your telescope focal length is fairly long, it can be difficult to frame large deep-sky objects into a single field without having to pan around to see the entirety of the object. With an 82 field of view, many large dusty nebulae or expansive spiral galaxies will fit into the eyepiece, giving you an immersive and enjoyable experience. As a benchmark, in a 1000mm focal length telescope, the magnification will be 35.7x, and the field of view is 2.3! And in a shorter telescope such as an 80mm f/6 refractor (480mm focal length), the magnification is 17x with an astounding 4.8 field of view! 28mm is an excellent low magnification focal length eyepiece to have in your collection. Ideal for getting an incredibly bright image and extremely wide field of view needed for many showpiece deep-sky objects, such as the Orion Nebula and the Andromeda Galaxy. And if you are located in dark skies, harder to see "faint fuzzies" and challenge objects are great to hunt down with an eyepiece of this size. Try looking at the Veil Nebula with a narrowband filter threaded onto the 2" nosepiece. In a large aperture telescope, you can follow the twisting rope-like structure throughout the starfield, and in a short focal length wide field scope, you might just get the entire Veil Nebula visible in one field of view! There are hundreds of objects like this that are waiting to show off their beauty in a low power wide field eyepiece like the 28mm PWA.

    The 28mm Series 5000 PWA eyepiece is also parfocal with the other eyepieces in the PWA line, meaning there will be little to no focus change when switching between eyepieces. It features 18mm eye relief along with lens caps and a rubber eyeguard that can fold down if you wish to comfortably use glasses when viewing. The 28mm PWA is threaded for 2" filters and weighs 28.2 oz (799g), with dimensions of 82mm x 126mm.


    Limited Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for two years from date of purchase. This warranty is provided by Meade for the benefit of the original retail purchaser only. For complete warranty details contact Meade at 800-626-3233.

  • Specs
    • User level:
    • Design:
    • Eyepiece focal length:
    • Barrel size:
    • Apparent field of view:
    • Eye relief:
    • Coatings:
      Fully multi-coated
    • Number of elements:
    • Filter threads:
    • Made with extra low dispersion glass:
    • Parfocal:
    • Barrel security recess:
    • Blackened lens edges:
    • Rubber eyeguards:
    • Body material:
    • Case:
    • Weight (oz.):
    • Dimensions:
      5.0 in. x 3.2 in.
    • Warranty:
      Two year
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