Orion 9x50 Achromatic Crosshair Finder Scope, Silver
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With a big 50mm aperture, the Orion 9x50 achromatic finder scope pulls in faint stars and many deep-sky objects. Easy X-Y aiming adjustments makes alignment a breeze. A great upgrade from a red dot or other small finder!
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    • Large 50mm diameter finder scope lets you see fainter objects compared to smaller 30mm finder scopes
    • 9x magnification and a standard inverted 5.5-degree field of view with superimposed crosshairs makes it easy to aim your telescope
    • Big 50mm objective lens collects more light than smaller finder scopes so you can detect more objects to explore with your telescope
    • Includes a cast-aluminum bracket with innovative X-Y aim adjustment and a dovetail foot that fits most Orion telescopes
    • Dovetail mounting base available (sold separately) for installation of the finder scope on most any telescope

    This large-aperture straight-through finder scope pulls in more light than a smaller 30mm finder, which helps to find fainter objects in the field of view. It has a multicoated 50mm achromatic objective lens with adjustable focus, as well as 9x magnification and a standard (inverted) 5.5 field of view with superimposed crosshairs. 9x magnification provides a bit more resolution over a 7x or 8x finder, while still providing a wide field of view to help locate objects. The aluminum tube is also baffled and blackened internally to enhance contrast, critical when trying to view faint objects which aren't much brighter than the background sky.

    The finder scope's focus can be adjusted by loosening the knurled lock ring just behind the front cell, then rotating the cell either way as needed until focus is reached. The lock ring is then retightened against the cell.

    This finder comes with a cast-aluminum bracket with a dovetail foot that fits most Orion telescopes. A dovetail mounting base is also available separately for installation of this finder scope on non-Orion telescopes. Alignment of the finder scope is easy and intuitive by virtue of two perpendicular nylon thumbscrews and an opposing spring-loaded pin. The outside of the optical tube is painted silver, and the unit weighs 16 oz.


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  • In The Box

    8x50 finder scope
    Finder bracket
    Mounting screws (2)
    Nylon adjustment screws (2)
    Spring Tensioner

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