Orion 2" Dual-Speed Crayford Refractor Telescope Focuser
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Upgrade your old refractor using this Orion 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser. Features easy installation on many Orion refractor telescopes, and includes an 11:1 fine focus reduction gear for all your visual and astrophotographic needs.
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    • Give your Orion refractor telescope a smooth dual-speed focus adjustment upgrade!
    • Crayford-style focuser provides smooth roller bearing motion without image shift or backlash
    • 11:1 fine focus ratio allows minute focus adjustments to provide crisp, detailed views
    • Precision drop-in replacement for standard focusers on many Orion refractor telescopes
    • Accepts both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces, diagonals, and telescope accessories

    The Orion 2" Dual-Speed Crayford Refractor Focuser provides a simple, yet profound performance upgrade for your favorite Orion refractor telescope. The high-quality design adds fine focus adjustment ability with a ratio of 11:1 to your refractor. Eleven turns of the fine focus knob equals one rotation of the coarse adjustment knobs, allowing you to view even the most complex targets with acute precision. You?ll be amazed at how much detail can be coaxed out of celestial and terrestrial targets with the addition of fine-focus control.

    Crayford style focusers offer smooth, backlash free focus adjustment by virtue of their gear-free design. Friction applied between the focus adjustment axle and a flat surface on the focus drawtube keep focus adjustments precise and accurate. The Crayford style design virtually eliminates focus errors related to backlash and flexure. Since the amount of applied friction is adjustable, even relatively heavy visual or imaging accessories can be used with the 2" dual-speed Crayford Refractor focuser with optimal results.

    The focuser features a built-in dovetail finder scope base for use with any Orion reflex sight or finder scope, and includes a 2" to 1.25" adapter for use of 1.25" diagonals, eyepieces, and accessories. Attaching the focuser to your Orion refractor is simple, and thorough installation instructions are included. The focuser flange measures 3.823"  (97mm) in diameter. 

    The 2" Dual Speed Crayford Refractor Focuser is compatible with the following Orion refractor telescopes:
    ED80 Apochromatic refractor telescope
    ED100 Apochromatic refractor telescope
    AstroView 100 f/6.0 achromatic refractor telescope
    AstroView 120ST f/5.0 achromatic refractor telescopes
    SkyView Pro 120 f/8.3 achromatic refractor telescope


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    Orion 2" Dual-Speed Crayford Refractor Focuser
    2"-to-1.25" adapter
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