Bursting Fireball
  • Details
    Date Taken: 06/02/2014
    Location: Pinnacles National Park, CA
    Other Telescope: Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens at 20mm, f/2.8
    Other Mount: Standard photo tripod
    Other Camera: Canon EOS 6D
    Processing: Photoshop CC
    Exposure: 1 x 3 min
    Other Equipment Used: Orion 12V DC DSLR Power Adapter
    Notes: One of the brightest meteors I've ever seen! It exhibited two "bursts" during its relatively slow streak toward the northern horizon, as evidenced by the two knots in the trail. Best of all, the final burst was accompanied after a short delay by a thump -- a barely audible but distinct boom sound! Audible meteors are extremely rare, so I was excited -- and very lucky that my camera just happened to be pointed in the direction of this fantastic fireball.