Orion 1.25" Premium 20-Piece Color Planetary Filter Set
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This Premium 20-piece Color Planetary Filter Set includes our most complete assortment of 1.25" color filters to help enhance observations of the Moon and planets. Compatible with Orion 1.25" eyepieces, 1.25" filter wheels, and 1.25" filter sliders.
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    • Premium assortment includes 20 of the best 1.25" color filters for planetary viewing
    • Color filters make it easier to see planetary and lunar details
    • Improve contrast of specific planetary and lunar features
    • Includes sturdy metal case with die-cut foam interior for safe storage and transport
    • Quick-reference guide indicates benefits of each filter at-a-glance

    The Orion 1.25" Premium 20-Piece Color Planetary Filter Set is an ideal accessory for any backyard stargazer who enjoys observing the planets of our solar system. This Premium 20-piece filter set includes our most complete assortment of 1.25" color filters to help enhance observations of the Moon and planets.

    Since planetary surface details and atmospheric phenomena reflect sunlight as contrasting colors, you can use color filters to accentuate subtle details on planets, comets, and the Moon by selectively increasing contrast between features and markings of different hues. Simply put: using various color filters makes planetary details easier to see. You can also "stack" multiple filters to combine filtration effects for unique results. 

    Each filter included in the Orion Premium 20-Piece Color Planetary Filter Set is vat-dyed for even color coating and then anti-reflection coated for peak performance. Each included color filter features a 1.25" anodized aluminum cell threaded for use with 1.25" Orion telescope eyepieces. Filters can also be stacked to achieve additional enhancement benefits. Each filter can also be used with filter wheels and/or filter sliders for quick and convenient swapping during viewing sessions to compare differently filtered views. (Filter wheels and filter sliders sold separately.)

    Below is a list of each filter included in the Orion Premium 20-Piece Color Planetary Filter Set, along with just a couple of the planetary and lunar features they help accentuate. A more detailed summary of suggested uses for each filter is featured in the instruction manual that comes with the filter set. The manual also includes detailed transmission graphs for each of the 20 color filters.

    View the Orion Premium 20-Piece Color Planetary Filter Set Guide (opens in a separate window).

    No. 8 Light Yellow

    • Surface plains and Maria features on Mars
    • Orange and red belt features of Jupiter and Saturn

    No. 11 Yellow-Green

    • Darkens Maria features on Mars
    • Reduces color aberrations from achromatic refractor telescopes

    No. 12 Yellow

    • Polar ice caps on Mars
    • Festoon features on Jupiter

    No. 15 Deep Yellow

    • Red and orange features of Saturn and Jupiter
    • Polar caps and orange desert regions of Mars

    No. 21 Orange

    • Dust storms on Mars
    • Loops, festoons, and ovals on Jupiter

    No. 23A Light Red

    • Polar regions of Jupiter
    • Belts of Saturn

    No. 25 Red

    • Contrast and cloud definition of Venus
    • Bluish cloud regions of Jupiter and Saturn

    No. 29 Deep Red

    • Transits of the moons of Jupiter
    • Contrast between the sky and planets Mercury and Venus

    No. 30 Light Magenta

    • Red and blue features on Mars
    • Rings of Saturn

    No. 32 Magenta

    • Ovals of Jupiter
    • Blue/green contrast on Uranus and Neptune

    No. 38A Blue

    • Clouds and atmospheric features of Venus
    • Atmospheric clouds on Mars

    No. 44A Light Blue-Green

    • Limb hazes of Mars
    • Lunar transient phenomenon (LTP)

    No. 46 Deep Blue

    • Reduces the glare of Venus in large telescopes
    • Lunar detail in large telescopes

    No. 47 Violet

    • Polar ice caps of Mars in large telescopes
    • Limb hazes and terminator clouds of Mars

    No. 56 Light Green

    • Frost patches of Mars
    • Belts of Jupiter

    No. 57 Medium Green

    • Rings of Saturn
    • Lunar detail in small telescopes

    No. 58 Green

    • Contrast of blue and red structures on Jupiter
    • Melt lines around Martian polar ice caps

    No. 64 Blue-Green

    • Ice fogs of Mars
    • Polar hazes of Mars

    No. 80A Medium Blue

    • Details of Jupiter's cloud belts and Great Red Spot
    • High clouds and polar caps of Mars

    No. 82A Pale Blue

    • Orange and purple cloud belts of Jupiter and Saturn
    • Areas of low contrast on the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

    An included metal storage case with die-cut foam interior keeps each filter secure, clean and safe during transport. A handy quick-reference guide found inside the metal storage case lid provides at-a-glance information indicating the best uses for each filter.

    In addition to visual use, each filter in the Orion Premium 20-Piece Color Planetary Filter Set can also be used for astrophotography of the Moon and planets. They'll help you accentuate specific planetary and lunar features in your planetary pictures.


    Limited Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This warranty is for the benefit of the original retail purchaser only. For complete warranty details contact us at 800-447-1001.

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  • In The Box

    No. 8 Light Yellow 1.25" filter
    No. 11 Yellow-Green 1.25" filter
    No. 12 Yellow 1.25" filter
    No. 15 Deep Yellow 1.25" filter
    No. 21 Orange 1.25" filter
    No. 23A Light Red 1.25" filter
    No. 25 Red 1.25" filter
    No. 29 Deep Red 1.25" filter
    No. 30 Light Magenta 1.25" filter
    No. 32 Magenta 1.25" filter
    No. 38A Blue 1.25" filter
    No. 44A Light Blue-Green 1.25" filter
    No. 46 Deep Blue 1.25" filter
    No. 47 Violet 1.25" filter
    No. 56 Light Green 1.25" filter
    No. 57 Medium Green 1.25" filter
    No. 58 Green 1.25" filter
    No. 64 Blue-Green 1.25" filter
    No. 80A Medium Blue 1.25" filter
    No. 82A Pale Blue 1.25" filter
    Die-cut foam-lined metal filter case with quick-reference guide

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