52.8mm Orion Lens Cap for Binoculars
Item #07611
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We guarantee that sooner rather than later, you will lose one or more of your eyepiece or binocular lens caps. Whatever the mystery of where those caps go, don't worry! We sell a wide variety of replacement sizes, including this 52.8mm cap.
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    • Did you lose a lens cap while observing last night? No worries!
    • Orion stocks a wide variety of sizes of replacement lens caps for binoculars or eyepieces
    • Sizes listed are the inside diameter of the cap
    • Measure the diameter of the objective lens or eyepiece you want to cover and see if there's a match
    • Sizes range from 30mm to 80mm for a variety of equipment

    Like socks, lens caps have a way of disappearing without a trace. If you’ve lost a lens cap for your binoculars or eyepiece, or never had caps to begin with, we may have just what you need — Orion Replacement Lens Caps for Binoculars! The size corresponds to the inside diameter of the cap. Carefully measure the outside diameter of the objective lens housing or the eyepiece you want to cover, and see if there’s a match.

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